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Heavy planning – important for pregnancy

Heavy planning is very important for pregnancy. The weight of a woman is a determining factor during pregnancy. A fat woman or a woman who lacks weight cannot maintain their pregnancy and resulted in a longer miscarriage and conception period. Such women need to get the right weight of pregnancy at the pre-pregnancy stage, to get pregnant. Women who maintain the weight of pregnancy are right throughout their pregnancy, giving normal babies and not facing any complications in labor.

The importance of heavy planning

In cases where the right weight planning is ignored, there are opportunities for premature babies and babies who lack weight. Small babies are at risk greater than death than baby with normal weight. Less weight babies suffer from many abnormalities such as intestinal abnormalities, bone disorders, premature brains and or other organs and the like. During pregnancy, check your weight gain. You may not lose weight during your pregnancy. It will have a bad effect on the development of babies in your body.

How do you gain weight and how much

Body weight is very complicated for women, the majority of women who are very conscious to gain weight so they continue to delay their pregnancy for fear of getting too much weight. However, there are only a few that need to be considered. Gestive weight gain is a normal process and it’s just a myth entered on extra weight after the birth of a baby. Under the influence of pre-eclampsia, some women get more than 5 pounds a week. You should consult a doctor in a situation like that. When the fetus grows in the body’s body increases weight but, if you do not increase weight for more than 2 weeks, especially in the third and fourth trimesters, then consult a doctor immediately. Let’s learn some facts below.

Pregnancy’s weight gain according to body weight. Therefore, heavy planning is also needed. If you are a woman with a normal weight, you will get around 35 to 45 pounds during pregnancy. A woman under body weight can increase up to 40 pounds. Women who are overweight will get around 25 pounds during pregnancy. Therefore, in all probabilities, a healthy woman will get maximum weight and women who are overweight will increase. It’s easy to monitor the weight of pregnancy with the body mass index. A thin woman will have an index of up to 20, a woman with regular weight will have an index of 27 and women who are overweight will have an index above 27, there is no upper limit.

End of myth

Apart from the weight of the baby, the weight of pregnancy also contains several other things. When you do heavy planning, you also have to consider it. Under normal conditions, bags contain amniotic fluid, which is 2 pounds. The placenta weighs about 2 pounds. The body provides extra breast tissue, uterine tissue and blood, which is 2 pounds. In addition, fat contributes 7 pounds. Immediately after shipping the baby, your body loses the weight of the baby plus the weight of the placenta and liquid. If you exercise normally and keep checking your meal then you can return to your normal weight faster than you expect!

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