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Accustomed to keratin hair care side effects

Keratin hair care is widespread as a “Miracle hair treatment straightening” but there are some side effects of keratin hair care. This is a natural hair straightening technique that is popular among women. Efficiently straighten thick and curls, without using chemical agents. However this side effect appears at least 72 hours after treatment. They don’t appear before your first wash. One side effect of keratin treatment is female experiencing dry and rough hair.

Keratin’s role in keratin hair care
Keratin is a type of protein that forms nails, teeth and hair, causing some side effects of keratin treatment. This generally increases surprises, textures, and tenderness of your curls. If you pelt is not managed, curly or curly, you tend to get this medicine. This process basically aims to refill the number of missing hair keratin. Keratin used in this technique is obtained from natural organic sources. This is applied to your hair using a hot iron method. When undergoing this treatment, you must keep your hair dry and free from other chemicals, you will experience the side effects of keratin treatment.

Keratin hair care and side effects
Keratin used in the hair straightening process consists of formaldehyde, carcinogens that cause keratin treatment losses. The most surprising part is that even the most famous hair booster brand contains formaldehyde.

Cancer Probability
Although many salons and manufacturing have made the point to skip formaldehyde, a small portion of these chemicals is still added to the herb straightening your fur. Therefore, you must be careful when you get your hair straight. Don’t take it too often to you “suffer from the treatment of keratin bad effects and the risk of cancer development. The most common of all hair treatment keratin bad effects is losing treses!

Hair loss problem
Even if you use straightening potions that still belong to the leading brand, you will experience hair that falls right after washing the first! If you don’t complete this technique from proficient hair expert, it can cause prominent thinning. Make sure you consult a dermatologist or a hair expert first! Using this technique repeatedly can cause baldness and other side effects of keratin hair care in a few weeks.

Keratin hair care drastically affects your hair texture
Even though straightening your hair is shiny, sparkling and smooth, however, it causes the treatment of keratin hair the effect is bad, remember the old saying: “All the glitter is not gold”! This is because, this luster and luster are temporary. This will still last for 2-3 weeks maximally! After 2-3 weeks, gradually your hair will start losing luster. This will be rough, dry and start degrading. Your hair color will fade and straightness will disappear after a few washers! So, better beware of keratin hair care side effects!

Some important allergies of keratin
When compared to other artificial hair straightening treatments, Keratin causes several side effects of keratin hair care and allergies to women. Sometimes, you can develop a rash, itchy and irritation. Therefore, it would be better if you consult a dermatologist and hairdresser before following this treatment. Get some of the initial tests done on your scalp so you know whether your skin will immediately receive the side effects or not.

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