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5 Worter weight loss exercises that you have to avoid at all costs!

Exercise can be very pleasant, but the pleasure stops when you are misinformed about the long-term effects of certain exercises you do. Some of us are known as “worst weight loss exercises” which are currently still sold even in the internet universe. If you want to look better by spilling some extra pounds at your waist, or you want to lose weight for health reasons, then have a practical training list which is a very helpful place. This article will try to show you some weight loss exercises that you have to avoid at all costs!

1. Extended cardiovascular exercises – although given that cardiovascular exercises help in increasing your heartbeat to encourage metabolism, doing so long has a negative effect. You lose muscle mass if you do cardiovascular exercises longer than necessary. To counteract this, it focuses more on intensity when doing your cardiovascular exercises rather than getting land duration;

2. Traditional sit-up – In the last century, there were no other routine exercises representing more fitness than a big father of practice: sit-up. Although this exercise provides several benefits, inappropriate shapes can cause injury and tension in your muscles. If you can’t maintain a good shape at all, it’s best to stay away from this exercise. Difficult, time consuming and will not produce more fat burning effects than other exercises.

3. AB machines and other eccentric fitness gadgets – The emergence of TV ads must be blamed with thousands of AB machines and other exercise tools available on the market today. This is the conclusion: most of them don’t work! The reason behind it is that when they look simple to do, it involves all other muscles to “deceive” in that movement; You don’t mainly involve your stomach to do work. The best is to rely on weight training instead and your old trusted ball is trusted.

4. Squatting Machine – Many bodybuilders praise squat as king of all exercises. This is because it is concentrated on the biggest muscle group of the body, leg muscles. However, someone should not confuse the classic squat from what is done with the Smith machine. While using a squat machine assisted if you are a good beginner, once you learn and build that power does not need to expose your body to an unforgiving angle that you want to follow. The results can be counterproductive. Master the squat using a free weight instead.

5. Behind the neck pressure – it looks impressive at first glance, but your shoulder joints will be surprised after getting hurt by doing a thousand in time. Bury this exercise and try pressing the front military under the chin instead.

These are just a few worst weight loss exercises that are usually done in gymnasium and other practice sites. If you have tried one of the exercises mentioned above before, now is the best time to stop and request your fitness planner to change your fitness program.

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